When to Seek Medical Attention

If you have a potential personal injury case in Raleigh or Wake County, you should immediately proceed to see your personal physician or the appropriate type of physician for whatever injury you have sustained. One of the most common issues for plaintiffs (injured party) in personal injury cases is that they have waited to see a physician for several weeks or months after their accident instead of going to see the physician immediately.

This hurts the viability and potential value of your case because the Raleigh or Wake County insurance company will claim that because there is a “gap in coverage.” This means that the Raleigh or Wake County insurance company will claim that you were not injured as a result of the accident. They will try this argument no matter how ridiculous it is. A common scenario for this type of situation is where a teenager or adult in their early twenties has a joint or back injury in an accident. They will wait a while to seek treatment. In turn, the Raleigh or Wake County insurance company will argue that the eighteen year old’s back injury is not a result of the accident, but that they have a deterioration of the muscles and spinal discs in the back despite no history of this. This is of course ridiculous because only an extremely small percentage of eighteen year olds will have deterioration at this age. The insurance company will pretend to itself that the eighteen year old is actually eighty-five years of age.

Many people will be offended by this; however, if you think about it from the insurance company’s perspective, it makes perfect sense. Instead of paying many thousands of dollars to the injured party, the adjuster can tell you or your attorney that the injuries you sustained in the accident are not related to the accident because of a “gap in coverage.” So remember if you are in a Raleigh or Wake County personal injury accident, you need to proceed to your doctor or the appropriate physician immediately, both for your own personal health and to protect your personal injury case. Anglin Law Firm offers free consultations for personal injury cases in the Raleigh and Wake County area. We can be reached at anytime at 919-803-1516.

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