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Renting vs. Buying…What will it cost you?

Renting vs. buying in the Raleigh-Durham, NC area has lots of different variables to consider.  It typically depends on what your preferences are. Are you in a place to own a house/townhouse or simply rent? Do you understand that you’ll be incurring maintenance costs with owning a home, as opposed to the maintenance being done by the landlord for you? These are just some of the questions you need to ask yourself when you’re deciding what your living arrangement will be. Just like any city or town, there are such wide varieties of places to live, that it’s like a smorgasbord.

Let’s look at some facts to help you decide which type of living arrangement you want: Read More

Tips for Selling Your Home

Moving from your home in Raleigh, North Carolina is one of the most stressful situations which most people will experience throughout the course of their lives. It is right up there with divorce and a major illness. Of course if you are a home owner, generally one of the prerequisites to moving, is selling your home and paying off your mortgage. If you plan ahead of time, you can maximize your sale price and it can make the entire moving process much easier. Below are a few tips in order to help make the transition:

  1. Post a Video about your home On-Line- Take a video of your home and your neighborhood in order show how your home stands out from others in the Wake County area. People will notice something which is unique, so if you have a deck with a great view or your favorite coffee shop is next to your home, make sure to get this on video and post it.
  2. Social Media- This is one type of on-line stalking that you actually want. Make sure to post your home on your social media pages. This is a great way to connect with people you know and as strange as this sounds, your friends’ friends. You never know who will be looking for a home in Raleigh, North Carolina.
  3. Research, Research, Research!- This is not the time to be lazy, like in high school, and hope you will do well on the test without studying. Instead of being rewarded with an A+, you are rewarded with more $$! Work with your agent in order to scope out your competition and know what the price and condition of other homes in the Raleigh, North Carolina is. Buyers will see these homes and you want to make sure that your home is up to par.
  4. Convenience- Make it as convenient as possible for your home to be shown. You want to have a flexible time frame for your home to be shown. If it is too restrictive, the buyers, who will have limited time to look, will just go to other homes which are open and you could miss a potential buyer.
  5. Get help from your neighbors-When you have an open house, make sure to advertise in your neighborhood’s e-mail list or online message board. This allows your neighbors to bring their friends and co-workers to the open house who may be looking for a home. There is no better advertising that a kind word from your neighbor!


Make sure to stay tuned for future tips for selling your home in the Raleigh, North Carolina area. As your closing attorney, we attempt to make the home selling process as smooth as possible. If you have any questions, please contact us at anytime. We can be reached at 919-803-1516.